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To an average person, manager or CEO, it is very easy to overlook the importance of the receptionist in the company. However, at Admin recruitment, our recruitment experience has enlightened us enough to understand that the receptionist is a pivotal aspect of a company, especially as the first point of call for clients, visitors and customers. Your receptionist is the face of your company, and the quality of their service can be the difference between acquiring new clients and losing potential clients and partners. Knowing this at Admin recruitment, we hire the most amiable, efficient and experienced receptionists for your company or business.


Every company should have a receptionist who possesses nothing short of the following vital skills: listening skills, professional demeanour, customer care, proficient communication, and focus. As a matter of fact, our expert admin recruiters have eyes for candidates that possess these skills and beyond. Take a chance on us today. You can start your journey towards being a leading company with world-class professional administrative support staff.

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Admin Recruitment places the same level of commitment into recruitment for receptionist and front desk roles just as we would for all other administrative roles. We believe placing a premium on other roles at the expense of front desk roles such as that of the receptionist could impact the overall staff quality of your company. Thus, if you are looking to hire a full front-desk team of receptionists, Admin recruitment is your best bet for the most capable hands that can work for you.


With several years of experience in this sector, we have a reserve of the most versatile candidates that can effectively provide the administrative assistance you need. In today’s world, versatility is imperative to effectively respond to the diversified and globalized economy we are in. Our experienced candidates in Admin recruitment have the expertise to adequately attend to visitors, clients and customers of various languages, orientations and backgrounds. The admin recruitment consultants place a premium on emotional intelligence when filtering and selecting candidates. In light of this, we always deliver candidates who can perform a wide range of clerical tasks and attend to various people smoothly at the end of the day.

Why Use Admin Recruitment Agency For Receptionist Recruitment?

With a strong understanding of the indispensability of a receptionist’s role, admin recruiters do not trivialize the recruitment process, and our expert admin recruitment experts watch out for the core skills that a receptionist should possess. And this is why you should choose admin recruitment to help you fill your receptionist vacancy. 

We focus on the following factors and skills in our selection process:

  • Customer service: This is at the core of a receptionist’s qualities, and Admin recruiters watch out for adequate prior experience in this area. Most of our candidates have worked with leading firms as front desk personnel. Therefore, you will be getting a sum of experience across several years and companies.

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