Tips on How to Find a Job Faster

Tips to Find a Job Quickly

Sometimes we need a job urgently. It is difficult to find a new job at all times, getting hired fast can be a challenge. The best way to get hired quickly is to optimize your job search process. We have listed here some tips to help you find a job quickly-

Apply for all the jobs you qualify for.

Write your resume with your job experience, education and skills. Apply for jobs that you are qualified for. Do not restrict yourself to your industry or field but widen your search. Apply for positions that meet your needs even if they are unconventional. Continue applying for jobs until you are hired.

Customize your cover letter and resume

Have an interesting resume that stands out. Customize your cover letter for each job application. Make sure your resume and cover letter are not too long, easy to read and memorable for the hiring manager. You can customize and edit your resume changing your skills and hobbies based on the jobs you apply for. In your cover letter, explain what interested you in the company and mention your skills. Give detailed accounts of your work experience only for the last five years. Include any volunteer work you may have done over the years.

Ask for help from your network

Ask your friends, family and contacts for help in obtaining a job. Communicate with your contacts in the industry if they know of any vacancies. You can ask former colleagues if they know of any positions that may suit you. If you have friends in the company you are applying to, ask them for tips. You can ask them for a recommendation as well. You can reach out to your alumni associations for help as well. Talking to people can help you find work quicker and provide you with more opportunities.

Consider a temporary position

You can always accept temporary jobs until you find a better permanent position. A temporary or freelance position is easier to find than a permanent job. You can continue to have earnings if you take up freelance gigs while you look for a job. Some freelance or temporary jobs may provide you with long term opportunities. Your temporary job can get converted into a permanent job.


Before an interview, research the company and their culture, needs and goals.


Dress impressively for your interview. Provide your interviewer with a proper hard copy of your resume when you begin the interview. Before going for the interview, ask the hiring manager of the company about which documents you should bring for the interview.


Eye contact is important during an interview. Have good posture and nod often while being interviewed. Smile and have a positive attitude towards everyone you interact with at the company.

Follow up

Follow up with the company after a few days of giving them an interview. Send a thank-you email post your interview and remind them of the reasons you want to work at that company and provide your contact information.

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