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Whether it is a full-fledged company or a startup, the secretary is the backbone of the day-to-day activities in any company. Their importance cannot be overstated when it comes to providing support for other administrative staff, curating and arranging schedules, minuting meetings and managing correspondence. The role of the secretary is an all-encompassing administrative one, and this is why our admin recruitment experts don’t compromise on the requisite skills and experience of a secretary when recruiting for you.


The secretary is one of the most important administrative support staff in a company. They are responsible for planning and organizing tasks that revolve around maintaining the company’s operations. The quality of your secretarial staff can directly reflect in your company’s output. Unfortunately, most in-house recruitment personnel or staff you convert to ad-hoc recruitment officers do not have a well-rounded understanding of the ideal secretary. This could be instrumental in employing the wrong candidate. In a fast-moving and saturated industry, this could cost you a lot. Admin recruitment solves this problem for you; all you need to do is tell us what you want.

Expert Secretary Recruiters.

The secretary is the string that holds the company together. They perform a wide range of functions that make them indispensable to office activities, such as handling correspondence, answering phone calls, organizing meetings and taking minutes of meetings. Therefore, it is only reasonable that your secretary’s recruitment is something to place a premium on. The only place to get that is with Admin recruitment. We are confident successful recruitment would bolster your company:

  • Procedures and administrative systems: Secretaries are at the core of a company’s administrative activities; they are the oil that keeps the engine running. Successful admin recruitment in this area would contribute to the facilitation of an effective office system that will be instrumental in boosting productivity. For instance, efficient secretaries receive files, catalogue files and documents, and perform xeroxing functions. They also ideate and implement office procedures and record systems. A bulk of record-keeping and cataloguing of files lie within their functions.

You cannot compromise on the quality of your secretarial staff, and the best way to not do that is to entrust your recruitment process to our hands. At Admin recruitment, our services are geared towards sourcing and delivering the most versatile and efficient support staff. Our admin recruiters watch out for time management skills, multitasking abilities, organizational skills and emotional intelligence to work across various departments.

  • Customer satisfaction: Many times, secretaries perform front desk functions, and admin recruitment has a wealth of versatile candidates to effectively perform this wide range of tasks. Admin recruitment takes secretarial recruitment very seriously, and you should too. The role is pivotal to your company because they serve as a link between visitors, clients or customers and other personnel in your company. They schedule appointments and update events calendars, help visitors find their way around the workspace, and manage customer files. The effective execution of these functions goes a long way in enhancing customer/client experience in your company which reflects positively on your patronage and the reputation you build. This means most of your company operations pass through the secretary’s desk as they facilitate interactions among departments. Admin recruitment is best positioned to make sure you employ just the right candidate that can handle this level of workload and organizational activities

Why Use Specialist Secretary Recruiters?

To stand out in today’s economy, every aspect of your workforce needs to be constantly on its feet. The secretary is instrumental in this. They contribute immensely to the daily activities of your company. At Admin recruitment, we will not leave any stone unturned to deliver the best. In choosing to work with our seasoned admin recruiters, you subscribe to a recruitment process that will provide world-class candidates to your workforce. Apart from candidates with strong communication skills, and organizational skills, we have a:

Wide range of academic qualifications: At Admin recruitment, we work religiously with your brief, and although high school graduates can sometimes qualify for entry-level secretarial jobs, we have a deep reserve of candidates who hold associate degrees and technical certificates. These qualifications have trained them in office management, database management, computer competence, and office software proficiency. Therefore, you will have access to the most qualified candidates in the market when you work with Admin recruitment.

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